Battery Acid

battery acid

The most widely used battery acid is an acid with strong colorless odor in liquid form. The formula is H2SO4 species. The battery acid has a 35% concentration. The technical characteristics of the battery acid are given in the table below.

Battery Acid Features

Battery Acid (H2SO4)
Name Battery Acid
Chemical Formula H2SO4
Molecular Weight 98,07 g/mol
Color / Form colorless / liquid
Density 1,25 -1,285 g/cm³
Freezing Point 10° C
PH 0,8


25kg, 30kg and 35kg bidons or IBC tanks .

Uses of Battery Acid

Battery acid usage areas are briefly as follows; It is widely used in battery industry. It is also used in paint, chemical and fertilizer industry. Battery industry. The paint industry. Fertilizer industry. Chemical industry.



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